Finding complementary colours

I’m not digging for compliments. But I am looking for the complementary colour for teal. I’m wondering whether I should paint this man’s suit somewhere on the turquoise spectrum. 

A cursory skim across the world-wide-wander and I arrive at ‘21 Beautiful Colors That Always Pair Well With Teal’. That just about accounts for every colour in the rainbow doesn’t it? Teal and gold, teal and brick or even teal and green. Who are these interior designers, clutching their colour wheels, finding ever more obscure combinations from tertiary, quaternary, dodecahedranary arrows sprouting from the brass pin. 

Makes me think I should have gone to art school. Then I could have scoffed at those that didn’t know the rules. That were mesmerised by the chintzy prints from HobbyTrade.  

You know what…stuff colour theory. Im not in the mood for rules today. Besides which I’m running low on my favoured burnt umber and cobalt blue combo. All I have left in my paint set is the rarefied aqualine green or the even madder – madder red. Known for its impermanence. 

Teal man first wash

Lets give a voice to these much under-appreciated colours – until I get my new paint set when the old order resumes. 

In the meantime I can put aside my colour wheel and ever such good taste Farrow and Ball catalogue. My finished painting will go well in my ill-mannered two-up two-down. 

2 thoughts on “Finding complementary colours”

  1. Teal being a blue green depending on depth of colour I’m thinking a tangerine shade again depending on the depth required.

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