Original framed watercolour donated to Allington raffle as prize

I received a message out of the blue from a ‘Martin and Elizabeth…

“hi i love the look of your watercolour paints. i am holding a fundraising quiz night to raise funds to adapt our house for my disabled son to have a wetroom downstairs.      i was wondering if you would kindly donate a painting for the raffle.   many thanks martin”

Well im not always keen to part with my paintings but how could i ignore this. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to get funding for a disabled facility.

Anyway its a done deal. The ‘Mote Park fisherman’ is one of the raffle prizes for the raffle on the 26th November at Nicholas church hall in allington, Maidstone.

Ive bought several tickets myself in the hope of winning the painting back!

 (for information about donating online just search ‘elizabeth brown’ on the justgiving website. It appeared first on the list for ‘crowdfunders’.)

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