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Maidstone Watercolours


Some of the framed watercolour original paintings are available for sale. Prices given on request (post on Contact page directly to artist’s email).


The Bridge, 2022. Watercolour by Edward Finch b.1963 –


The place to meet, 2021. Watercolour 11×15″ by Edward Finch b.1963-


Candid conversations, 2021. Watercolour (15×11″) by Edward Finch b.1963-


Baby Blues, 2022.
11×15″ watercolour by Edward Finch 1963-


Lean on Me, 2022. Royal Star Arcade, Maidstone.


A senior member of the Cygnet model boat club adjusts the rigging in Mote Park.


Fading Light, 2021
Watercolour 11×15″ by Edward Finch b.1963


Skater Guys, 2021. Watercolour 11×15″ by Edward Finch b.1963-


Skateboarders in Mote Park, 2022

Edward F Finch b.1963
Watercolour 11×15″
High Street, Maidstone
Original framed: £580


The Gatehouse, 2022. Watercolour A4 by Edward Finch b.1963-


Three figures draw shadows across the valley by Volunteers’ Pavillion (2021),


End of day, returning home after winter fun. Mother and toddler.

Man in a blue suit


Man in blue suit by the Corn Exchange, 2022. Watercolour (11×15″) by Edward Finch b.1963- (Acquired by private buyer).


A charity worker waits expectantly in The Mall, Maidstone.

Climbing Silhouette


The Outdoor Adventure at Mote Park in twilight.


Table tennis for leisure outside the Archbishop’s Palace.


Elderly lady reflects on past, sat beside a war memorial. 15×11″ watercolour by Edward Finch b.1963.


Two old chums pull their luggage past Maidstone Town Hall in the midday sun.


Lady with a stick, 2022

Edward F Finch b.1963
Watercolour 11×15″
High Street, Maidstone
Original framed: £580


The scene outside an Italian restaurant on a mid-summer’s day. Edward Finch b.1963.


Time to reflect. The golf umbrella keeps the tied pedestrian cocooned in his own world of thought. (#026)

Elderly couple on park bench with bulldog


An autumnal scene of greens and indigo. An elderly couple discuss their ‘problem child’ Hector the bulldog.

Couple holding hands walking through Mote Park gatehouse


Autumn colours surround a couple lost in an intimate world of their own.


Undressed showroom dummies in Week Street, Maidstone.


A genko tree stands triumphant on Hastings Road in Maidstone.


In the baking sun, friends cool down with ice cream cones amidst the jostle of Maidstone River Festival.


A waiter takes the order as diners enjoy the afternoon sun.


Christmas shoppers hurrying home with a storm approaching on Middle Row by the town hall in Maidstone.

Maidstone's high level railway bridge


The bridge of love Walking beside the river Medway I encountered this blue bridge. The blueness contrasting with the adjacent burnt sienna of the adjacent factory building piqued my curiosity. I wanted to paint them…somehow they seemed important…part of Maidstone past. Having painted this scene I discover that the factory  is a Grade II listed […]


A couple reflect over a cup of coffee.

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